We get a ton of job applications and a lot of people ask how they get into the industry. Here’s my advice.

1. Do some work on your car. Take it apart, put it back together. Focus on the process just as much as the end result.

2. Do it to your friends car, your moms car. Whatever car you can. Being able to take apart different cars without breaking them is very valuable.

3. Learn how a relay works. They are the coolest piece of 12v electronics. There are so many uses for them and ways they make what we do possible.

4. Have passion, persistence and dedication. Show up on time. Dress presentable. Be presentable. If you look like you slept under your friends coffee table customers will notice and so will employers. A suite a tie isn’t necessary for this industry, but professionalism goes a long way. Our last hire wore a tie to his interview.

5. Have a good attitude and realize that as much as you know, you still know very little. There always room for improvement, growth and ability to be better.

6. We no longer hire experienced technicians. It is simply too much work to retrain them to pay attention to the process, and more specifically, our process. We’ve found its better for us to hire based off the right attitude and the aptitude to learn than somebody that’s been trained by somebody else.

This industry isn’t for everybody, but the people who love it, the nucleus of this industry, they have an insane amount of passion and are always willing to teach and help out.