Being that we are Alaskans, we understand that the winters can be outrageously cold, but that doesn’t mean we need to be. By getting an autostart installed into your vehicle, you can make sure it will be warm before you get in. No more walking outside to start your vehicle when it’s below zero. We’re proud to carry¬†Viper Remote Start Systems.

Our Viper Products:

Viper SmartStart System

LCD 2-Way (Up to 1 mile range)

LED 2-Way (Up to 1 mile range)

Value 2-Way (Up to 1 mile range)

Value 1-Way (Up to 2,000 feet range)

Entry Level 1-Way (Up to 1/4 mile range)

Basic 1-Way (Up to 1/4 mile range)

All of Distinctive Ride’s autostart systems come with built in anti-theft security features. Therefore the vehicle will shut down if the key is not in the ignition and turned to run when the brake pedal is pushed. This is much safer than starting the vehicle with your key and leaving it in the vehicle while you continue to get ready as it warms up.

Distinctive Ride provides many autostart options. From basic one-way systems to smart phone compatible systems, we can get you and your vehicle taken care of. With cutting edge products and MECP preferred installation practices, you can be sure your system will last. We also back our remote start systems with a lifetime warranty that covers the install, the control center, and any other parts related that are permanently installed into the vehicle. The remotes themselves have a one-year warranty. We are so sure of the products we install, we tag each control center with our sticker and installing technician’s name. We do it as a matter of pride with our work.

Set up your appointment for a remote start today by calling us at (907) 373-RIDE.