When we made the decision to start offering Rhino Bedliners Wasilla Alaska at Distinctive Ride, we knew we would settle for nothing but the best.

We decided to partner with Rhino Linings Anchorage & Wasilla Alaska and use the Graco XP-1 machine for applications. This machine allows us to spray at 140 degrees and 2200 PSI which helps ensure proper mixture of the chemical, quick cure time and excellent adhesion to the sprayed surface.

We also purchased a sand blaster so we could sand blast the chrome off of nerf bars, bumpers and many other chrome metal items so we could coat them in high-quality bedliner.

While Rhino offers many different chemicals, we have chosen to use Hardline, because it’s the toughest chemical available, built for the harshest conditions.

All of our applications to rocker panels, truck beds and most other applications (unless you’re told up front they won’t be) are covered under a hassle-free lifetime warranty. Rhino Linings are meant to be abused.

If you want Distinctive Ride to help you protect your truck with a professionally installed bedliner, give us a call at (907) 373-RIDE.